These are the core components included in ECM2:
  • Character
    The Character is built on top of the CharacterMovement component and serves as a base for all your game avatars, whether they are player-controlled or AI-controlled.
  • The NavMeshCharacter component extends a Character through composition, providing additional navigation capabilities based on a NavMesh.
  • The CharacterMovement component is a robust and feature-rich fully kinematic character controller, also known as a motor.
  • The SlopeLimitBehaviour component overrides the CharacterMovement slopeLimit property, enabling the definition of per-object walk-ability behavior instead of per-face.
  • The PhysicsVolume component allows you to define physics volumes (trigger areas) such as water, air, oil, etc. Characters will react according to these settings when inside this volume.
  • The RootMotionController is a helper component designed to retrieve the Animator's root motion velocity vector, denoted as animRootMotionVelocity. When root motion is enabled, this provides the animation velocity to the associated Character class.
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